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Aims of this group





Help students to achieve whole-person development and life-long learning.

Set up a supporting network and in close partnership with all staff, parents and students.

Help students to develop self-learning attitude and discover their potentials.

Help students to build up social thinking skills.

Provide comprehensive guidance services to students; and

Help students to develop healthy life-styles.









Objectives of this year


Enhancing students’ learning capacity through guidance given to students on setting study goals and releasing stress on studies

Offering various learning activities to help students develop adaptability to tackle new life challenges

Cultivating students’ self-esteem through various activities with STEAM elements with an aim to support students to set and pursue their life goals 

Widen students’ visions and enhance Internet ethics education

Fostering students’ awareness on the importance of family relationship






Activities of 2017-2018






Form one orientation

19  August

5 September


20 September (Cyber Ethics)

14 November (Power of being Positive)

21 November (Positive Education)

5 December (Job interview skills)

13 March (Dealing with Adversity)

10 April (Family relationship)


Mid- November (Leading a Positive Life)

November (Say No to Adversity)

Mid- March (Communication Skills)

Day Camp & Over-night Camp

Dec, June


3 January

Supporting F.6 Graduates

Mid - July

Programme on Supporting F.1 Students

Whole year

Students supporting networks

Whole year

Monthly gathering

Whole year

Following Students’ cases

Whole year





Committee members



Ms. Lee Pui Ling

Ms. Wu Ching Man

Ms. Fung Ka Man

Mr. Fong Pok Si

Mr. Lam Yu Hong

Mr. Lam Shun Hong

Ms. Tang Wing Yan