To enhance the efficiency on learning and teaching through utilizing resources to create a favourable learning and teaching environment.

To co-ordinate the external activities of the school to facilitate the participation of students, parents and teachers in various community works and to promote a better understanding of the school sponsoring body.

To issue the school information regularly in order to help parents, students, alumni and the community have a better understanding of the school, with the aim of enhancing the school image.




To enhance campus improvement works

To promote campus safety

To enhance learning and teaching environment

To digitalize the management of the Administrative Committees


Production of Student Handbooks

Po Leung Kuk Flag-selling Day

Opening Ceremony

Inspection of the potential hazards of school equipment

Non-Academic Awards Ceremony

Secondary School Profile

Po Leung Kuk Charity Village Casserole Feast (Poon Choi)

School Visit of the School Manager

Po Leung Kuk Charity Walk

Stakeholder Questionnaires

Joint Secondary Schools Speech Day 

The Thirteenth Graduation Ceremony

Closing Ceremony



Committee members  
 Committee head:

Ms. WOO Mei Nei

Committee members:

Ms. Tseng Oi Wah

Mr. Chow King Sum

Mr. Tsoi Wai Fung

Ms. Tang Yuk Ching

Mr. Lok Yik Ho