• To cultivate students’ interest and enthusiasm in the study of Chinese history, so as to raise their social awareness through studying a broad range of historical facts and express their own views and tackle, analyze and solve problems by themselves.
  • To enhance students’ skills in collecting, analyzing and discerning historical materials, as well as training them the ability to express themselves.
  • To train students in discerning and understanding historical concepts such as causal relationship between historical events, the power of change and continuity, as well as the similarities and differences between different interpretations of historical events or facts, in the hope that students could learn to view things from an objective perspective; it is also hoped to enhance students; sense of belonging towards their nation and country. 


 To design self-learning strategies through electronic online learning platforms, quizzes and dictations, in order to examine students’ learning progress more effectively. Students can also get tight hold of their own learning progress through individual interviewing scheme as well as various enrichment and enhancement programmes. Learning motivation and ability can also be strengthened by means of outside-school visits and external competitions.
 To instill positive values through the teaching of historical facts and figures from the curriculum, in order to let students copy and take lesson from valuable examples among their national ancestors. Students can also be inspired with enthusiastic spirit, sense of national loyalty as well as national and social responsibilities after understanding the Constitution and the Basic Law, and therefore reaching the learning aim of justice in law.
2020-2021 Activities    

 Visiting The Mills

 Visiting The Hong Kong Museum of History

 Visiting The Hong Kong Heritage Museum

 Visiting Hong Kong Maritime Museum






The Hong Kong Museum of History