The aims are to enable students to:

(a)  understand the Earth they inhabit, and enable them to recognise and interpret, from a spatial perspective, the arrangement of phenomena and features on Earth, the processes at work, the interactions that occur, the changes that result, and the issues and management responses that arise;

(b)  develop the general intellectual capacity and generic skills needed for lifelong learning through geographical enquiry, and the ability to apply these in life situations;

(c)   appreciate the wonder, interdependence and fragility of the local and global environment, and the importance of promoting sustainable development



To arouse students’ interest on Geography by organizing various field trips and visits.

To prepare students for the new senior secondary curriculum and improve result in HKDSE Examination

 To enhance students’ understanding on the changing development of geographical phenomena and issues in terms of space and time.

2020-2021 Activities    


Field trips and Visits

Geography competition