1. Develop students’ curiosity of learning science.

2. Let students appreciate that science is related to daily life.

3. Develop students’ potential in science research.





To develop positive values and attitudes

To promote self-directed learning habits

To enhance learning efficiency by adopting STEAM in teaching

Use of continuous assessment of student's academic performance for teaching.

Use of I.T. and statics of students' academic performance for teaching.

Promote an atmosphere of learning physics through reading.

Develop the teaching strategy for the student diversity.

Enhance the personal development of students.

2020-2021 Activities    




Recruitment of S-Team


Training of S-Team

11/2020 – 7/2021

Science Workshops

10/2020 – 5/2021

Science Visits


Science Competitions

9/2020 – 8/2021

2019-2020 Awards Received (Part)





Name of Competition


Korea Science & Engineering Fair 2019

Bronze Award

The School Challenge@ Hong Kong (Live Smart @ Kowloon East)

First Runner-up and Second Runner-up

The 19th Eco-model Tournament

Champion and Second Runner-up