We wish that students can have adequate knowledge and practical operating experience on different IT operations such as Operating Systems, Office Application Software, Chinese input methods and programming design. Moreover, concepts of hardware integration, networking and proper usage of Internet will also be introduced in the courses.



 Attach to school’s year focus, upload teaching and learning video for fostering students' self-learning.

 Provide information and training to students about proper using of Internet so that students can use Internet positively.

 After school lessons and extra worksheets are provided to gap the learning difference.

 Improve junior form students’ high order thinking and problem solving skills

 Upgrade the answering skills and techniques so that students can have metrics in the examinations.

Introduce different software so that students can apply them in the future.

2020-2021 Activities  

Assemble of proper Using of Internet

Other learning experience activities

Talks of latest IT technologies

Visit of Hong Kong computer & Communications Festival 2021

Workshops of hologram, robots and virtual reality technologies

Competition: Video shooting competition, Chinese input competition, Arial Photography competition and programming design competition