1.  To nurture students the ability to conceptualize, inquire, reason and communicate mathematically, and to use Mathematics to formulate and solve problems in daily life as well as in mathematical contexts;

2.  To nurture students the ability to manipulate numbers, symbols and other mathematical objects;

3.  To nurture students the number sense, symbol sense, spatial sense and a sense of measurement as well as the capability in appreciating structures and patterns;

4.    To help students build up a positive attitude towards
       Mathematics and the capability in appreciating the
       aesthetic nature and cultural aspect of Mathematics. 










Improve the self-evaluation culture through different kinds of assessment and analysis.

Enhance the efficiency of learning and teaching through the implementation of different kinds of I.T. technology and BYOD scheme.

Enhance teaching capacity through flipping classroom and arrangement of courses.

Improve the performance of DSE through different tasks provided.

Build up the reading habit of students with mathematics books.

Provide “STEAM” related activities in junior form.

Promote self-directed learning of students through different tasks provided.

Promote student personal growth and provide learning experiences to students through different activities.

2017-2018  ActivitiActivities of 2019-2020s    



1.   Inter-class Rummikub Competition

1st semester

2.  Inter-class Bridge Competition

2nd semester

3.  Mathematical Olympiad Team

Whole year (Club activities)

4.  Inter-school Competitions

Whole year 

5.  Bridge Club

Whole year (Club activities)

6.  STEAM Workshop December (OLE period)
7.  Bridge Workshop December (OLE period)
7.  Other Learning Experience     
December and June