1. Understand the transformation of human history and the impacts on the world development.

2. Understand the values of tour own historical and cultural heritage, and appreciate the shared humanity of the world.

3. Distinguish fact from opinion; Avoid biased viewpoints; and build up proper historical judgment.


 Enhance teaching capacity

 Widen students’ exposure through diversified learning activities

 Arouse students’ interest on History

 Promote reading atmosphere

 Promote self-directed learning habits 


2017-2018        Activities    

Other learning experience activities

Understanding Hong Kong Outing – “Five Clans and Villages of Hong Kong”

“I love Hong Kong” – Book Exhibition

Explore Old Days of Hong Kong – Hong Kong Public Transports Inter-school Photography Competition






Panel members


Ms. Chau Shui Kan

Mr. Chan Yiu Sing

Mr. Tsoi Wai Fung