School Facilities


The school is a millennium school building, ​​7,000 square meters in area, with a number of special rooms to provide students with diversified and all-round teaching activities to promote learning effectiveness.



Through the STEAM training and use of different tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters and robotics, our students can engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process.

Marine Ecology Laboratory

In Marine Ecology Laboratory, there is a coral cultivation system providing lights, flow and stable water parameters for the corals to thrive. Through observing the marine organisms and corals growth, we aimed to nurture students' interest towards ecology and environmental protection.


Mangrove Ecological Simulation System

The mangrove ecological simulation system has a series of automatic functions, including lighting, tide control and spray watering, imitating the ecology of the coastal zone. The mangrove forests that could only be observed through field investigations is brought to the campus.

Reptile House

Different species of reptiles, including lizards, snakes, and turtles, are raised in the house. All the reptiles in the house are taken care of by our students, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics of different creatures and develop their empathy and 

Mushroom Cultivator

By varying the light intensity, humidity and temperature in the Mushroom Cultivator, students can investigate how these factors affect the growth rate and the yield of the mushrooms.

Aquaponics Laboratory

To raise students’ concern about environmental protection, different types of green equipment are set up. The aquaponic system convert wastes from the fish into nutrients that can be used by the plants.This is a good example of how the concept of nitrogen-cycle can be applied in our daily life.


iLab is equipped with 35 latest iPad Pro Tablet PCs(with more than 80 apps for learning purpose of different subjects), 4 high-end desktop PCs, 2 projectors, WiFi, smartboard, DVD player, tablet with mirror system, 3D printer and scanner are installed. The tablet PCs in iLab are equipped with touch screen functions, with indulge students with spontaneous learning experience. Those tablet PCs also provide holography, virtual reality and augmented realty learning and teaching experience.



MMLC allows students to practise computer skills conveniently. Teachers can also use the projectors and HiFi system to feature multimedia to students. This room is designed in cyber theme, and walls are mounted with silver boards with blue light effects. The raised floor can hide the cables and emit blue lights. MMLC is equipped with 42 desktops (with photo editing, animation, video editing, web authoring, Apps design and 3D design software).


Multi-purpose Learning facilities

Speech Chamber

Designed as a moot court, Speech Chamber is equipped with a computer and wireless microphone system. It not only provides an opportunity for students to master debating skills for debating competitions but also allows them to brush up their presentation skills in other subjects.

Po Tong Exhibition Centre

Po Tong Exhibition Centre, showing different nostalgic scenes of Hong Kong from the 50s to the 70s, is a multi-functional area which include classrooms, a cinema and display areas. The scenes include a rooftop classroom, a traditional Chinese pharmacy, a souvenir shop, a street food stall, a cinema and different nostalgic scenes for teaching, group activities and movie appreciation. This integrated learning and teaching not only allows students to understand local culture and architecture, but arouses students’ interest in learning and enhances their creativity.

Dai Pai Dong

Dai Pai Dong



Rooftop Classroom

Herbal Tea Shop

Grocery Store


Language Galaxy

Language Galaxy is a place where students can immerse themselves with unrivalled language learning opportunities. Equipped with more than 30 sets of spacious and comfortable tables and chairs that can be freely combined, and a high-quality projector, it is an ideal room for group discussions. It can improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning.


Celine Café

Celine Café is equipped with Wi-Fi and charging equipment. It is used for different types of learning activities, also convenient for students to collect information online.


The library has a collection of more than 30,000 books. There is a self-service corner with three laser printers and two binding machines, which can provide students with unlimited printing and self-binding notes for free.

Air-conditioned Canteen

At the air-conditioned canteen on the ground floor, the booths are equipped with small monitors to broadcast new clips. The booth seats facilitate group discussion, breaking the limitation of having lessons in classrooms.



Fitness Corner

The Fitness Corner aims at providing diversified and professional facilities to develop student’s physical strength and establish a healthy school campus. Two zones, a weight training zone and a cardio training zone, accommodate more than 25 items of fitness equipment including a chip-up and dip bench, a rear deltoid, a lat pulldown bench, and a multi-functional pully, etc. Regular fitness training sessions during Physical Education lessons are conducted at the well-equipped Fitness Corner. The data of sports performance of students in the sessions, recorded by Physical Education teachers, are useful for self-evaluation and the establishment of self-directed learning habit.

Central Field

The central field is a small athletic field with four 200-meter running tracks. In the middle is a small football pitch and a standard handball court. In addition to Physical Education classes, students can also train for track and field teams and football teams after school.