Secondary One Discretionary Places


Further Studies, Extra-curricular Activities and

Secondary One Discretionary Places Information Day


(1) Further Studies of Our Graduates

  • In the past few years, around 110 graduates pursued their undergraduate degrees in local universities each year.
  • The number of students admitted to undergraduate programmes has reached its highest compared to the past in 2022. Fifty graduates, which account for 50% of those who successfully entered university, have offers of undergraduate programmes at the University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  • Disciplines opted by our graduates include but are not limited to: Medical Science, Law, Physical Therapy, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Medical Laboratory Science and Radiography, Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis, Risk Management Science and Professional Accountancy.


(2) Results of the HKDSE 2022

  • Examination papers of all subjects (including Liberal Studies) are taken in English expect Chinese Language, Chinese History and Chinese Literature.
  • The credit rates (i.e. level 4 or above) of the four core subjects (Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics and Liberal Studies) are 54% higher than the territory level.
  • The credit rates of three subjects are 84% higher than the territory level while one of them is two times higher than the territory level.


(3) Extra-curricular Activities

  • Our school clubs are divided into five categories, i.e. academics, arts, sports, social services and hobbies. More than 70 different kinds of clubs have been organised. Some of which are as follows,


Japanese Club, Korean Club, Mathematical OlympiadClub , Physics Olympiad Club, Marine Ecology Club, Biological Technology Club, Contract Bridge Club, Logical Reasoning Club, Memory Enhancement Society, etc.


Photography Club, Ceramic Club, Origami Club, Mini Figures Making Club, Painting Club, Leather Accessories Club, Chibi Manga Club, Drama Club, Handbell Ensemble, Orchestra, Chinese Orchestra, Choir, A Cappella Group, etc.


Football Team, Basketball Team, Volleyball Team, Swimming Team, Track and Field Team, Badminton Team, Table Tennis Team, Cycling Team, Tennis Club, Adventure Club, Stargazing Club, Fitness Club, etc.

Social Services

Girl Scouts, Immigration Department Youth Leaders Corps, Red Cross Youth Unit, Voluntary Team, etc.


Western Dessert Club, Thai Dessert Club, Magic Tricks Club, Aerial Photography Club, 3D Printing Club, VR and AR Club, Digital Filmmaking Club, Robot programming Club, Handmade Soap Club, Twist Dice Club, Sign Language Class, etc.


(4) Admission Criteria



Performance at interview (English & Chinese. English is adopted as the sole medium of instruction (MOI) in all subjects. Priority will be given to students who perform better in English during the interview) #   30%


Academic results (Grade A or B should be attained in English, and in either Chinese or Mathematics)  30%


Teacher’s comment and conduct (A or B attained)  20%


Performance in extra-curricular activities  20%

#Applicants are shortlisted for interviews according to Admission Criteria. The arrangement of interview day will be depended on the recent spate of COVID-19 cases. Any change in the arrangement will be updated in the school website later.


Number of Discretionary Places:

Number of discretionary places: 50







Registration for The Secondary One Discretionary Places Information Day


Distribution of application forms for Secondary One Discretionary Places (forms can be downloaded from school website or collected in person at school office)


The Secondary One Discretionary Places Information Day


Application for Secondary One discretionary places


Interview Day


Secondary One Discretionary Places Information Day



11th December 2022 (Sunday)


09:00 a.m – 12:00 noon

Time for Admission Talk

First Session:09:00-10:00



Second Session:10:30-11:30


1. Admission Talk



2. Campus Tour

Admission talk (reservation is required)

If you are interested in the admission talk, you can register and you will be put on the waiting list.

  1. Online application (
  2. Contact our General Office at 2626 9930
  3. In person to our General Office

When there are any seats available, the school will notify the parents on the list.